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This website is mostly about how to play Fortnite on Nintendo Switch.

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On Nintendo Switch in Fortnite to go into build mode click A and click A aigan to go out of build mode. to shoot click ZR and to aim hold ZL.

When your in build mode click ZL to build a stair,for a wall click ZR while in build mode,to do a floor click R and for a cone/triangle click L.

TIP. Don't hold down shoot if your using a assalt riffle. The longer you hold down shoot the less accurate your shots are.

To open the map hold down the - button and there's a mini map in the corner of your screen.

When your on the battle bus in Fortnite click B to jump out of the battle bus. Click B while your skydiving to pull out your glider click B again to skydive again and click B when your on the ground to jump.

When your in the lobby click Y to change the gamemode and click L or R to switch to other things like the item shop or lobby.

When your in a game click ZR while holding your pickaxe to break things.

In the current season of Fortnite (chapter 2 season 7) watch out for aliens and io guards. Aliens spawn driving ufo's in location's in purple text on the map.

Fortnite is a battle royale game so watch out for other players. When you are the last player still alive the screen say Victory Royale witch you won.


Here's a link to a picture of the current map.

The named location's are (coral castle. craggy cliffs.steamy stacks.beleiver beach.corny complex.dirty docks.boney burbs. holly hedges.weeping woods.retail row.lazy lake.slurpy swamp.catty corner. and misty meadows.

game modes

Click Y in the lobey to see the diffrent game modes then click the game mode you want to do.

Henchmen and boss's

In Fortnite there are currently only io guards for henchmen and theres docter slone and zyg and choppy. Docter slone drops slone's mythic pulse rifle and zyg and choppy drop zyg and choppy's mythic ray gun.

Prop if ier and Grab itron

The prop if ier will allow you to change into diffrent there are 5 catigories each with three props to become. However you turn into a pursen agian if you switch to difrent wepon healing item or your pickaxe or if you click ZR. With the grab itron you can throw objects at players but you can't hold a object forever.The grab itron is kind of like a holdible ufo that can't shoot giant energy cannons and can't pick up players or anamils.